How can my loved one receive supports from Lo-Se-Ca?

Your very first step when you have realized that your loved one requires additional supports is to contact your PDD Coordinator.  PDD will meet with you to determine the level of care required and how much funding is necessary.  Once this is established they will begin contacting agencies to see if they are able to meet said requirements.  You can mention to them that you would really like to be involved with Lo-Se-Ca however there are many factors that go into making intake decisions.  You can follow the link on the sidebar for PDD Edmonton.  The Lo-Se-Ca Foundation  does not accept names for an intake waiting list, all vacancies are filled as they occur.

I want to work for Lo-Se-Ca, how do I get hired?

Lo-Se-Ca is always looking for great people to become part of the team.  You can fax your resume to 780-459-1380 or visit our Careers section of this site for information on what we are looking for.

Where is the Lo-Se-Ca Foundation Located?

Here is a map provided by Google. How nice of them.

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