Lo-Se-Ca provides services to multiple residences throughout St. Albert and Edmonton.  The size of home ranges from 1 resident to a maximum of 4 residents.  The types of services we provide vary depending on the individuals living in the home, their goals, and their capacity for independent living.  Some houses only require several hours per day of support while the majority need 24 hour care.

The focus of staff when providing support in a residential setting is to encourage, model, and teach the skills necessary for the individual to be able to perform the task independently.  This may not be possible for all tasks for all individuals but it is the duty of staff to involve the individual in the responsibilities that come with living at home.

When the housework is done it then becomes the focus of staff to support the individuals to participate in social, recreational, and community activities.  A main focus is to promote the development of new relationships and the strengthening of existing ones.  This may involve meeting a friend for coffee, having people over to watch a movie, attending the local farmer’s market, or participating in organized activity like Special Olympics or attending a local class on a topic of interest.  It is up to the individual to decide what activities and how much they want to do.  It is up to staff to support them in this.  There is a big difference between activity and meaningful activity.  It is our goal to identify what is meaningful for each individual and support them to incorporate these activities into their lives.